Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentines! Lets have a conversation of our own with conversation hearts!!! Shall we? Come check it out!

Prompt, watch the entire video, in the gals that liv, closed facebook group,  think of conversation hearts, have a conversation with your word of the year, think about it, and write your conversation or key words in the hearts on your page.
Sorry for the lame you tube video music, its actually called, say something with a conversation. Thought it was perfect ♡ Watch the video, it has a tutorial there, that you will find very helpful! And more thoughts on today's prompt!

It feels so good to be home, in my studio, where I have all my art supplies. Trips are nice, but I feel like I was short changing you guys, being gone in the RV, and not posting any of my pictures, but I will post the few prompts with photos later tonight that I did not post while I was on vacation.

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