Sunday, February 14, 2016

Feb 10th Gratitude, finished, with pictures, my word is GRACE.... what word did you feel speaking to you?

February 10th
here's something about gratitude that you have to be thankful for love. As an act of love. Use and receive gratitude, essentially the way you do for loving. Draw or sketch this image in your journal and in one word, describe how you've felt about love and gratitude lately. Using one word only! Write it in the hearts. Enjoy!

Open to how you feel about this image. You can sketch exactly as is, or give it your own twist! Making it your own is that much more fun as an artist.

Here's mine!
Done on the rv with limited supplies! Remember my backgrounds in my gratitude journal are already made, so I just sketched over them or art over them, as we are to be thankful for a journal we already have!

Week of feb 10th, my word is grace. I just finished up tonight. I left my white pen at home. But I have been working on this page all week. I rather like how it turned out! I took before and after pictures, so it really worked out just perfect for me!




Notice how I kept my own style with my girl? I didn't copy the picture at all really. I just used it as a reference and went with it! I drew hearts on the girls, and put GRACE in the hearts and did some daily journal writing about grace and how it's made me grow through love and Gratitude!

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