Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Project a space of my own! Being thankful to have a space of my own and giving it some love and enjoying the painting on the walls!

The first stages, we used a blue measuring tape to get a straight line for stripes. Colors grey, pink, and black.

 Began to paint with the grey after we lined the tape up to match the blue

Began painting and having fun listening to the top 40 country station! It looks like a Vicoria's Secret in here, and I love it! For the first time in my life I am being girly about my art room! This transformation will take us a few days. I am sorry, there won't be any posts for a few days from me. As, all of my stuff is packed in moving boxes as we do this so it is protected. But, Here's the prompt for you,

Theme of the month is TEXTURE, so it worked perfectly adding texture and color to my walls, we are doing a faux paint over the pink when it dries. And also the theme of the month is being thankful for humor. my husband and I needed this project together. He and I needed to feel close to each other while doing this. Painting makes us both happy, he paints walls, I paint in journals, canvases, bibles ect.

Let the theme of the week be, take the SIMPLE approach at life. This has been really enjoyable for me and my husband (only if it was "Free!" ) Do something with EASE and make it EASY. Keep it simple stupid. USE THE KISS METHOD... Use the word KISS draw a mouth on  your page, and a thought bubble and remember, no matter what you face, if you will ask your self, the KISS method, you will be amazed at the creative ideas you will have! You can teach yourself simplicity if you really want to learn! BONUS, keep your white space!!! ( see the humor there! :)

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