Sunday, January 3, 2016

Week 1 Sunday 2 p.m. Gals that liv prompt! Hello 2016! Looking forward:

Renew/Revamp/Repolish, your about me page!

What can you write about to get a clearer picture of you for 2016?
My list:
  • Details about my family
  • Meeting my new dog Sassy
  • Where I just moved to, and from where
  • What makes you.... YOU! or ME ME :)
  • The meaning behind “Gals That Liv”
  • My faith
  • My quirks and interests
  • More photos!

Special thanks to Ellen Porter for suggesting that we post a brand new prompt just as planned! Enjoy! Can't wait to see what your about me page says, about you!
Galina and I will have our images up later for you this week!

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