Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Say yes to NEW ADVENTURES! Gratitude mini bonus

Today's prompt is be thankful for your last family adventure. Our family makes jokes about being the Grizwaltz, every time we take a family vacation! Can  you relate? Something always happens, from getting really lost, to the luggage flying off the back of the car, to anything you could think of! The law of anything will happen usually applies for us!

So, what was your last family vacation? Are you planning on going on a new one sometime soon? Write about it, art about it, say yes to new adventures!!!

 This was a technique from Tiare Smith Woods, splatter splotch and paint workshop! <3

Monthly Theme : Be Thankful for Family the word of the month is Family
Arting Theme : Water Colors
Prompt response : Jan 13th Be thankful for family vacations!!!

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