Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Be grateful, for the directions of love you heart pulls you in...

I chose to do a one page spread today. ust got home from a romantic get away. Sitting down to work on this weeks gratitude prompt. Here's the before and after.
Be thankful for love in all directions. Sometimes we proceed things with caution. Sometimes we stop loving things that we once loved, sometimes all green is go and we fall in love with those things again! Be thankful for the directions your heart tells you to go. Remember you think with your mind, but always listen to your heart ♡

Prayer of thanks for today,
Father, when I am in a situation where I'm not sure whether to proceed or not,  help me to hear, Your voice. I thank you that you have a clear direction for my life, and that you will lead me and guide me into your plan for my future. (daily devotional Joyce Meyers!)

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