Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hello March and HELLO SPRING!!!!

In March, we will be focusing on being thankful for for things about spring.

Monthly Theme : SPRING! Be thankful for the "Gratitude Garden!"
Arting theme : Stencils
Prompt Response : Thank you for letting me grow in your Gratitude  journey

Today's prompt

Three bonus' if you will,
use a doily
think of a word that reminds you of spring, use it in your art somewhere. I chose nurturing
use stencils!

Some spring time words...

kid (baby goat)
vernal equinox

Use this word, to get you started on being thankful for what it means to be thankful for spring! Gratitude comes in many shapes forms and sizes and yes even in nature! It's very nurturing! How the cold winter, comes on in, and brings new growth after the ice and snow melt, and little daffodils bloom and trees turn green and green grass grows where it once was dead and waiting for spring!

Like if you chose green, use it as a background color, like I did. I also chose blue for my background color, green grass, and blue sky's are signs of spring! :)


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